Empowering the Next Generation of Computing Leaders

The ACM Future of Computing Academy (ACM-FCA) is a new initiative created by ACM to support and foster the next generation of computing professionals. The Academy is a platform that enables the next generation of researchers, practitioners, educators and entrepreneurs to develop a coherent and influential voice that addresses challenging issues facing the field and society in general. The ACM-FCA will seek to harness collective action to define and launch new ACM initiatives that will carry us into the future.

It is important to note that membership in the Academy is a commitment, not an award. Members of the Academy are expected to engage in activity for the benefit of the next generation of computing professionals. They have the privilege and responsibility to become the voice of the future of the computing field at large and of ACM specifically.

The ACM-FCA will provide its members an uncommon opportunity to expand their network beyond their immediate professional environment. It is a unique chance to work with other accomplished individuals from diverse areas of computing towards the common goal of shaping the future of the computing community and society. Academy members will develop a network of individuals looking to support, drive and develop the field and profession of computing. In addition, members of the academy and ACM will be encouraged to develop an extended network of practitioner and academic mentors.

The inaugural meeting of the ACM Future of Computing Academy will be on June 25, 2017 in San Francisco. ACM-FCA members will also be invited to attend ACM’s celebration of 50 years of the ACM Turing Award on June 23 – 24 at the Westin St. Francis. ACM will provide financial support for Academy members to attend the inaugural meeting.


The Inaugural Class of the ACM-FCA

Members of the inaugural class of the ACM-FCA are an international group, originally from 19 different countries including Morocco, Pakistan, India, USA, the Netherlands, Egypt, Germany, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, China, Denmark, Bangladesh, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Israel and the Ukraine.

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